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Jan's Journal September 2014

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Jan's Journal September 2014
The Inside Story –

After an absence of more than a year (actually since November 2012), I am reactivating the Journal and am providing a short round up of some happenings since that time.
Earthquake damage: The church structures suffered relatively minor damage such as plaster cracking from the March 29, 2014 La Habra earthquake and bids are being evaluated to fix this.
At Rest: In the months following the last Journal we have seen the passing of a number of our members and former members. These include Eva Erickson (long time community services leader and potluck luncheon coordinator) on February 15, 2013, Beverly Johnson on December 15, 2013, Virginia Engen on February 1, 2014, and Fred Goodwin (former head elder) on August 9, 2014.
Community Services: This continues to be one of the most active of our service ministries under the direction of Lea Southard and assisted by her helpers (of whom I am one). Each week up to 40-50 food bags for the needy and homeless are distributed. A large number of clothes and other donated items are also given out. We also have donated suitable items to the Armory for distribution to the homeless. The Armory, usually open November to March for the homeless, is operated by Mercy House. However, homelessness continues to be a very large year-round problem in our community. (See My Agenda below).
Senior Sojourns: Our senior ministry continues to be on the go. Under the direction of Gloria Palacios monthly birthday luncheons are held at various restaurants honoring those whose birthdays fall during that month. Frequent trips are also taken to interesting places in the southland, primarily on the Metrolink and usually arranged by Doug Bell. Gloria's will be celebrating her birthday on September 11.
My Agenda: On February 25, 2014 I attended a Meet the Fullerton Mayor (Doug Chaffee) session at the new Fullerton Community Center, to express concerns about the problem of homelessness in the City and learn about other city issues. Briefly, I learned: The city is hoping to work with Anaheim on the homeless issue and wants to have plans made for a 200 bed homeless shelter by the end of the year. In fact, the vision is to have a shelter in each of the five supervisorial districts in Orange County. He also said the police have motel passes, energy bars and water that they can give to the homeless. However, whenever a possible location for the shelter is selected, there is always a protest by those living near, so it remains to be seen where the shelter in our area is going to be located.
Last summer I submitted a protest to the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control about the intent of the 99 Cents store in our area to obtain a liquor license, it's a store where a lot of the church members shop. I based my protest on the fact there was an ample liquor supply in close proximity and the homeless should not be encouraged to purchase these beverages. The State contacted me later asking if I would withdraw my protest and allow the store to have a conditional license, but I declined and was told I would be notified when they had a hearing where I could appear in person. I was later contacted again and told that I was the ONLY person who submitted a protest and therefore I reluctantly withdrew it after I learned that the police had not objected. So far, however, I have not seen alcoholic beverages in the store. My objections remain the same and I am praying that the sale of alcoholic beverages will not happen.
Wedding bells: Congratulations to members Maria Ramirez and George Morris who were married on July 20 in the Fullerton Church. Pastor Mel Baga officiated. Both are very active in the church and we wish them every happiness.